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Insulating your home

December 13th, 2017 8:48 AM by alan Martin

Insulating your home can pay for itself, and then some.

First, Insulating can help you save money on costly repairs.

Second, the right project could save you money directly in the form of lower utility bills.

Third, the right Insulating project could significantly increase the resale value of your home.

Sounds good, right?

But here's the thing: Not all Insulating projects are equally valuable.

That's why I've collected the top three projects that stand out in terms of the return they will give on your investment. Here they are:

1. Fiberglass attic insulation

Each year, Remodeling magazine releases its Cost vs. Value Report for various home upgrades.

This year, only one project had an ROI of over 100%, and that was fiberglass attic insulation.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, if you add insulation to your attic tomorrow and decide to sell your home right after, you can expect that you will be able to sell for a premium, and that premium will be greater than what you paid for the insulation.

Of course, if you aren't selling your home just yet, then the improved attic insulation will accrue even more value, in terms of lower heating bills and increased comfort in your home.

2. Energy-efficient windows

A typical window replacement yields over a 70% return in terms of the resale value of your home.

Depending on the shape of your current windows, you could save an additional 15% or more off your heating bills.

Plus, new windows can add even more value to your home in terms of increased thermal and acoustic comfort, more light, and better design.

3. Gutters and downspouts

This last item won't save you money directly by cutting down your energy bills.

It could, however, save you tens of thousands of dollars in terms of avoided repairs.

You see, clogged gutters and downspouts can trap moisture. When the weather gets really cold, they can also help ice to form.

This can ruin your roof and sidings, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

On the other hand, cleaning your gutters out will do more than just prevent this damage.

It will also impact the curb appeal of your home, which generates higher returns in terms of resale value than remodeling the inside of your home.

When you consider that 63% of prospective buyers will drive by your home before they ever decide to schedule a viewing, then clean and tidy gutters become even more important.

And those are 3 of the best Insulating projects you can undertake to maximize your investment.

Of course, there might well be other projects that make sense in your particular case.

Please think of me if you would like a recommendation for vendors to help with Insulating projects.  Call me 407 832 4888 



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Posted by alan Martin on December 13th, 2017 8:48 AM

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